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Tableau Dashboard Development

New Provider Process Dashboard:


This tableau dashboard was developed to allow Seattle Children’s staff to quickly see where in the credentialing process a new staff member was. Allowing users to filter the data based on anticipated start date, department and or division.


This dashboard enables real time information to be passed from the credentialing office to the service line director. Information which was originally unattainable without a phone call or e-mail. The final drill down gives highly granular information about a specific provider ensuring that all stakeholders are aware of the next steps required for getting new providers in the door and treating patients.


Credentialing Department New Applicant Process:


This Tableau dashboard is updated monthly directly from the Credentialing database to show growth over the fiscal year. This first area of the dashboard allows users to see the percentage of new providers met their anticipate start date. The second area shows the fiscal years monthly growth. Illustrating the number of new provider that were broth on staff in that month and the average days that were required to credentialing those staff members.


From this first illustration you can see that roughly 75% of the time, providers were meeting their anticipated start date. After this report was developed and displayed the percentage of missed start dates dropped from 25% to .5%.

The act of measuring the process and adding visuals increased transparency in the process and assisted in decreasing the number of providers who missed their start date by nearly 25%.


Credentialing Department New Applicant Process:


To ensure the progress and work load of the Medical Staff Services office is measured in a meaningful manner the following reports were created. From these Tableau dashboards it is easy for upper management and Senior-Vice presidents to quickly ascertain the busy season for new providers. These visuals have assisted in the line-leveling of existing process and the development of new processes.


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Credentialing Department New Applicant Process:

As the Technology Committee Chair for the Seattle Health Information Management Association working on our website has been a great learning experience Our updated site ensures that members are able to follow the activities of the association more accurately. We have also incorporated out site with online workshop registration as well as annual membership dues collection. These technological advances have increased our membership base by 33% .


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