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Cassandra Merry, RHIA


I take pride in being a reliable bridge of information, fostering seamless communication among executive leadership, management, IT team members, and customers. My role ensures a comprehensive understanding of organizational needs, enabling timely and effective solutions. I am constantly on the lookout for opportunities to enhance current processes and procedures, actively collaborating with other teams and departments to deliver top-notch metrics and data analytics.



Lead Labor Productivity Data Analyst 

UW Medicine - Department of Finance | 2021 - Current

  • Drive productivity and cost-effectiveness for UWMC healthcare network of 400+ clinics and two hospital locations, influencing labor and financial strategies via meticulous aggregation and analysis of large-scale, quantitative & qualitative datasets, such as business volume metrics, KPIs, and forecasts.

  • Steer decision-making for C-suite and key financial leadership; prepare data visualizations and reporting to educate on workforce & budgetary needs while promoting compliance with federal, state, & union-specific labor regulations.

  • Act as primary point of contact and Subject Matter Expert (SME) for internal customers, including Clinic Managers and Physicians; leverage data analytics to deliver insights and drive site-specific operational improvements.

    • Empower stakeholders via trainings and individualized coaching on proper data interpretation and utilization.

  • Drive consistent quality of care by working closely with budget teams while utilizing historical, labor productivity, and national benchmarking data to determine ideal labor cost and volume budgets across all clinics.

  • Continually strengthen data management and integrity via detailed root cause analyses, cross-functionally collaborating between IT and operations teams to identify errors, ensure optimal data flow, and devise process improvements across EPIC, Kronos Analytics, and internal budgeting systems.

Select Achievements

  • Spearheaded complex Kronos Analytics implementation project, enabling all 400+ clinics to review variances in real time and provide crucial context to datasets, positively influencing top-level resource allocation planning.

    • Increased clinic management participation rate from 5% to 85% following project completion; effectively communicated with Clinic Managers to educate on new processes.

  • Instrumental in optimizing cost management for the entire hospital system, successfully maintaining labor costs within 5% of predicted figures and surpassing historical performance benchmarks since 2018. Championed transition from agency-based teams to primarily in-house workforce, significantly reducing labor expenses by ~$950K annually.

Assistant Director, Factulty Business Planning Office

UW Medicine & UW School of Medicine  | 2020

  • Orchestrated allocation of financial resources across academic and community hospital operations. Monitored and analyzed financial data to ensure sufficient funding based on grant, faculty salary, and project-specific needs.

  • Diligently tracked and reported on annual funding adjustments to maintain alignment with organization mission, community needs, and financial requirements.

  • Built relationships and engaged with Professors, Physicians, and Clinic Managers, gaining unique data insights and communicating frequently to attain consensus on budgetary decision-making.

Select Achievement

  • Improved office-wide data management competencies, developing extensive documentation to support and educate Faculty Business Planning Office leaders on specialized financial analysis and budgeting processes.

Lead Physician Practice Analyst

Northwest Hospital and Medical Center | 2014 - 2019

  • Managed Physician Compensation and production data analysis for Northwest Hospital clinics prior to UWMC acquisition in 2019. Transitioned to influence practice strategies for 250+ healthcare providers across 35 specialties via comprehensive analytics and reporting.

  • Drove organization-wide and clinic-specific growth by delivering comprehensive reporting on physician and clinic staff performance. Employed datasets to empower leadership in strategic planning that directly influenced key decisions such as staff promotions and funding allocations.

  • Enhanced data modeling and reporting by engaging with CEO, CFO, and Chief of Medicine to identify improvement areas and develop forward-thinking trend analytics tools.

  • Expanded UWMC network, identifying optimal medical practice acquisition opportunities; evaluated growth potential, clinic assets, and patient-related metrics of prospective practices to determine value and support negotiation process.

  • Influenced annual Physician volume & compensation reviews and ensured access to comparative national data year-round via collection of hospital and clinical data for annual MGMA Hospital Benchmarking Survey.

Select Achievements

  • Led successful integration of analytics tools, datasets, and reporting in UWMC systems following acquisition; maintained low attrition rate of 10% after revamping compensation model for all former Northwest employees.

  • Holistically improved and streamlined data reporting practices with increased data availability and accuracy; transformed legacy system with new self-serve dashboards and centralized, automated report within SAP Business Objects and Spotfire, eliminating manual entry processes and improving data analytics productivity by 20%.

    • Increased Clinic Manager engagement and accountability through trainings on accessing and maximizing utilization of new automated report.

  • Reduced MGMA Hospital Benchmarking Survey data submission process by 75%, from multiple weeks to within ~5 days after building automated and pre-formatted reports within Business Objects.


Credentialing Data Specialists - Medical Staff Services

Seattle Children's Hospital & Medical Center | 2012 - 2014

  • Managed MSOW internal system to efficiently hire and credential all healthcare providers within SCH; worked with Medical Staff Office to ensure MSOW properly collected and distributed data.

  • Wrote user-specific training materials and conducted training sessions on accessing system data.

  • Continually improved technologies and processes through collaborations with vendors, customizing platform and ensure future upgrades elevated with current operations and downstream system requirements.

Select Achievements

  • Championed data-driven culture by facilitating adoption and introduction of Tableau within department operations. Built specialized dashboards for senior management and Office Administrators to enable increased visibility and control of workforce priorities and processes.

  • Streamlined data reporting creation process by 50% and improved data visibility following complete overhaul of report models and standards.

  • Developed dashboards and presentation materials that drove marketing efforts and highlighted organizational success in annual U.S. News Best Children’s Hospitals Report.

    • Reduced time to complete U.S. News and World Report survey and final presentation by 75% after creating automated Excel-based dataset and presentation tool.




Data Analytics & Insights • Strategic Planning • Dashboard and Reporting Evolution• Financial Reporting • Proactive Team Embedding • Stakeholder Engagement • Process Improvement • Clinical Data Management • Variance & Root Cause Analysis Cross-Functional Collaboration • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) • Communication • Forecasting • Medical Terminology• Team & Relationship Building




Data Visualization: Tableau, creating captivating visualizations from complex datasets, 

Data Mining / Modeling: SQL - Advanced techniques for uncovering patterns and trends. 

Microsoft Excel Proficiency: Advanced formulas, pivot tables, and macros for data analysis. 

Microsoft Office: Excel, PowerPoint, Word for impactful reporting and documentation. 

Analytics Reporting: Producing actionable insights for data-driven decision-making.

SAP Business Objects: Designing and delivering comprehensive business intelligence solutions. 




Bachelor of Science: Health Informatics and Health Information Management 


Associate of Science: Nursing


  • University of Washington Medical Center CARES Award Nominee: Recognized for outstanding Customer Service in Business and Data Analytics

  • University of Washington, Guest Lecturer (2018-Present)Lead large-scale presentations on best practices related to healthcare business intelligence and data analytics.

  • UW Health Informatics and Health Information Management Undergraduate Program, Mentor (2014-2022)

  • Seattle Health Information Management Associated (SHIMA), Web Developer, Vice President, President (2011-2018)

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