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I believe that the culture we work in matters just as much as the work that we do. I strive to bring enthusiasm, tenacity, and humor to my working environment and into all areas of my life.


As a skilled Data Analyst, I am committed to delivering exceptional reports and impactful business intelligence presentations. My primary audience consists of Senior Vice Presidents, department heads, and high-level management. I am the go-to expert that organizational leaders rely on to provide accurate and timely data to the right stakeholders, particularly when operating under tight deadlines. Moreover, my passion lies in creating interactive and user-friendly dashboards that transform data into compelling stories, empowering team members to make informed, mission-critical business decisions.

I possess a natural aptitude for learning new technologies, quickly becoming proficient in their use. Whether in a collaborative team environment or working independently, I consistently excel. There is no computer system or tool I cannot master. Thriving in fast-paced settings that demand innovation and swift problem-solving skills, I take pride in assuming leadership roles. My colleagues frequently commend my ability to effectively communicate with both technical and non-technical users. I have gained a reputation for my excellent problem-solving abilities and the patience required to navigate complex and challenging situations.

As a valuable information conduit, I facilitate seamless communication between upper management, IT team members, and customers, ensuring that all organizational needs are thoroughly understood and met in a timely fashion. I am perpetually driven to identify opportunities for process improvement, actively collaborating with other teams and departments to deliver high-quality metrics and data analytics.

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