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" I wanted to let you know that you were given glowing recognition during the Finance leaders meeting this afternoon.  They are absolutely a fan and I’m so appreciative of all the work you do.  You’re amazing and thanks for all you continue to achieve for yourself, this team and UW Medicine. UWMC Finance Team

"Cassandra is always willing to pitch in to get the job done. She is a resource to her peers and has done exemplary work as we prepared for UWMC / NWH integration." Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

"Cassandra cares very much about her colleagues, the organization and those we serve. This comes though in her interactions with her colleagues. Her positive can-do attitude inspires those around her to bring their "A" game, and she supports them in their successes." Northwest Hospital & Medical Center 

"In our rapidly shifting environment Cassandra is always willing to jump in and turn around requests rapidly. She does this with grace and a can-do attitude" Northwest Hospital & Medical Center

"Cassandra is always open to helping managers and others get the information they need to be successful in their work" 

Northwest Hospital & Medical Center


"I could not express how thankful I am for you and the assistance you are providing. Truly appreciated!"

Seattle Children's Hospital 

"I got exceptional help from Cassandra Merry. I called and spoke with her and she took the time to go over the Provider SER record, go over screenshots of the addressed pre-arrival, and give some feedback. Cassandra also offered to talk with the caller herself if he has any questions. I usually cringe at admitting tickets when I get them, but Cassandra made this one easy. Amazing!" Seattle Children's Hospital 

"I really, really appreciate your can-do attitude and willingness to help!" Seattle Children's Hospital 


"Thank you! I consider you my secret weapon in the never-ending quest to find and understand SCH data! I am very grateful and incredibly appreciative!" Seattle Children's Hospital 

"Thank you for getting this done so promptly and accurately! The fact that you can generate the necessary data when requested is a testament of your thorough work" Seattle Children's Hospital 

"Thanks so much for your help this week, you have no idea how much we appreciate it!" Seattle Children's Hospital 


"Thanks so much, Cassandra! Looks great, and you rock! " Seattle Children's Hospital 


"You are WONDERFUL. Thank you so much!" Seattle Children's Hospital 


"Thanks for all you do to help us out.  You are always willing to go the extra mile for us – your help makes a huge difference.  Really! " Seattle Children's Hospital 


"Thank you again for all your time and hard work! Truly appreciate you!" Seattle Children's Hospital 


"You are my new best friend at work!!" Seattle Children's Hospital 


"Thank you so much! You are a delight for sure." Seattle Children's Hospital 

"​You have the best customer service ever. Thank you so so so much" Seattle Children's Hospital 

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